Lichen drawings

These drawings evoke the structures and growth patterns of lichens – often with plant forms and half-hidden gems of beetles, bugs and other insects …. tracks and trails of small creatures inscribing their lives on earth and stone

Architecture & trees

I am fascinated by the relationship between buildings and landscape, the interaction between human habitations and the natural world …. and how unused buildings are rapidly reclaimed and re-occupied by nature

Trees & landscape

Trees are like sentinels watching over their surroundings, they are markers, compass-points … I keep coming back to the challenge of how to visualise what it is like to walk through a particular area … the sensations of light, sound, movement … rockforms, clouds, mists and small glimpsed details of birds, hedges, plants and pathways … along the bottom or side of some of the drawings the passing of time is recorded in dabs of colour – marks that may also suggest genetic codes and evolution

Walking in Bavaria - text reads: On our way to a hilltop chapel, an angel stands, arms waving, each leaf offering a prayer to the sky.
Moorland walking - text reads: Harried by wind and rain, in the footsteps of wanderers, we walk these ancient paths - in fickle mist we find our way to who knows where.

Notebook and other studies

In notebooks, ideas are noted and developed – sometimes leading to larger works, sometimes lying fallow for months, even years, before being taken up again in new works. Occasionally I make a more extended study of rocks, twigs and other objects – as a challenge and as a way of developing visual acuity