Walks & landscape

Over the years I have done many drawings that evoke the experience of walking in, and through, a landscape – details of things seen – the feeling of movement, of passing sensations – hillsides & rain, old buildings – memories of a trip in Portugal – walks on Dartmoor and the Cornish coast

Rocks & natural forms

I often return to making studies of rocks and other natural forms – interesting objects collected on walks – stones, twigs and dried grasses kept in the studio and drawn many times – always discovering something new about them

More trees

Trees swaying in the wind – murmurations of starlings seen at Grey Lake in Somerset

Picturing Mind

In these drawings I tried to evoke something of the way in which thoughts, feelings and images come and go – sometimes connected by association and logic, at other times quite random – the ever-changing landscape of the mind – my first book had the same title and explored a similar territory

Marking Time

This is the sixteenth in a series of drawings – each drawing begins with a series of vertical strokes that mark the passage of time – the drawing then develops very intuitively, one image leading to another, a form or mark suggesting another, and so on – until some kind of dynamic harmony is reached

Notebook studies

My notebooks are full of studies of natural forms, ideas for drawings – sometimes working out how a drawing should develop – sometimes just small works in themselves

Zendao series

Most of the drawings in this series were done in 2018, but I am including them here as they still have a lot of relevance to my current concerns. They combine an interest in improvisation and chance, with a quiet meditative process of marking time. The space is as important as the forms. For me, they have an allusive quality, hinting at a meaning or symbolism that is resonant, yet hard to put into words