As an artist I have a particular interest in landscape and the patterns and structures found in the natural world. Many of my drawings evoke walks and journeys, often close to my home in Devon, sometimes further afield. The experience of being in a landscape, moving through it, is important. I am also interested in the tracks made over a particular area by animals and the traces of human habitation, travel and agriculture – some very recent, some very ancient. The rhythms of walking find a place in the drawings, as do the changing light, rain, clouds and winds that give shape to my experiences.

From exhibition statement, Green Hill Arts:

My visual work is quiet and harmonic, employing the simplest of materials (graphite, ink, pigment and water). In some drawings, closely observed details of rocks, trees and plants are accompanied by abstract marks and washes – to evoke the way we focus on small things that catch our eye, set against the broad sweep of hills, mountains and sky.


I am currently Buddhist Chaplain and Honorary Associate Professor at Exeter University, UK. I am also the founder and guide of Exeter Meditation Circle – a secular Zen / secular Buddhist group. Website:

In 2012, I retired from my role as teaching fellow and associate professor in philosophy and art practice at Plymouth University, UK.

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