What you’ll find here.

Here you’ll find all kinds of fragments, jottings and images: brief notes; extracts from longer texts; experimental writings; small drawings; photographs and other images; etc. Some of these are taken from work-in-progress, some relate to a book I’ve just written (Picturing Mind: Paradox, Indeterminacy & Consciousness in Art & Poetry, published by Rodopi, 2006) and some are just passing thoughts.

As an artist, writer and teacher I think of the various strands of my work as paragraphs or episodes in an unwritten book. The book’s author is not necessarily myself. Some of the time I seem to be enacting a part, an idea about how art could be made or thought about. In an odd way I agree with TS Eliot’s view that the purpose of art is to transcend personality, while also believing that art is a way of constructing personality or making, possibly many, identities. Each artefact and action is part of the unfolding of one long work – an assembling of fragments, episodes and insights (a florilegium). Art constitutes a set of practices of enquiry, celebration and sharing, that enable a meeting of minds and a modest exploration of who we are, how we are and where we are.

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